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Industrial Development of High Power Semiconductor Laser

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  High power and high beam quality laser material processing are two basic requirements. In order to improve the output power of high power semiconductor laser can be a dozen or dozens of single-tube laser chip package to form a laser bar bar, stacked bar multiple buses can be stacked to form two-dimensional laser array, laser array stack kilowatt-level light power can reach even higher. But with the increase in the number of semiconductor laser bar, the beam quality will decline. In addition, the special nature of semiconductor laser structure determines its fast and slow axis beam quality is inconsistent: fast axis of the beam quality close to the diffraction limit, while the slow-axis beam quality than the poor, which makes semiconductor lasers in industrial applications has been greatly restrictions. To achieve high-quality, wide range of laser processing, laser must also meet the high power and high beam quality. So now all the developed countries will study the development of new high power, high beam quality of high power semiconductor laser as an important research direction to meet the requirements of higher laser power density of laser materials processing applications.

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