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How to identify counterfeit auto parts

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1, see packaging. Genuine Parts packaging is generally more standardized, uniform standard, marking the formal writing clear, and relatively poor packaging and printing counterfeit products. See much more, can often be easily identified from the packaging flaws.

2, see color. Some of the original surface of specified parts of a color, in case of other colors, for the fake parts.

3, looking appearance. Genuine Parts or the appearance of printing and marking a clear regular cast of characters, while the counterfeit products look rough.

4, watching paint. Parts will be used by unscrupulous businessmen simple processing, such as demolition, loading and fight, take care, painting and other processing, and then posing as qualified products for sale, illegal access to high profits.

5, see texture. Original parts of the material is according to design requirements using high quality materials, counterfeit products are mostly used inferior materials, cheap alternative.

6, look at technology. Shoddy appearance of the product is good, but because of the production process is poor, prone to strong grain, sand holes, slag, burrs or bumps. Gasket extrusion example, the use of prone Mifengbuyan ablation, resulting in oil spills, leaks, and leakage phenomena; piston and piston ring burr is easy work of scraping the surface.

7, see "Save." Auto Parts If dry, oxidation, discoloration or aging problems may be poor storage environment, storage time is long, the material itself causes poor.

8, see "bonding." In the event of rivets loose clutch, brake hose glued joint sealing off electrical components, paper filter and so torn at the seams, you can not use.

9, to see identification. Some marked the formal parts of certain signs, such as the timing gear, piston assembly and other markers used to ensure proper installation parts, not can not buy.

10, to see gaps. Assembly of parts must be complete formal intact, to ensure the smooth loading and normal operation. Some assembly parts with individual small parts missing equipment, the general is "parallel imports", which will cause difficulty loading. Often a shortage of individual small parts, causing the whole assembly of parts scrapped.

11, see protective layer. In order to facilitate storage, to prevent parts bump, parts have a protective layer prior to shipment. Such as lack of cover, the size of bearing, piston, valves, etc. are generally protected with paraffin to prevent the surface damage. These important parts, if no protective surface layer, mostly for "parallel."

12, see documents. Some of the important parts, especially assembly classes, such as carburetor, distributor, generator, etc., usually with the factory manual, certificate, to guide users to install, use and maintain, if not the fake and shoddy products.

13, see specifications. Buy auto parts, we should identify the main technical parameters, special techniques to meet the requirements. Some counterfeit products is almost the same appearance and the real thing, but put something out that is not appropriate, either bigger or smaller point, using them is always not satisfied, and to traffic safety and security.

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