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Intends to pass through the modern into the U.S. pickup truck market Chrysler

Number of visits: Date:9/8/2010 11:07:18 AM

  Dow Jones News reported that K-Swiss car, according to three people familiar with Hyundai intends to enter the U.S. pickup truck market, and it is possible to achieve cooperation and Chrysler.

  According to media reports before, Hyundai Motor in the early Chrysler Ram pickup platform, has created a modern pickup models, and test the car for the market and found that consumers respond more positively, it decided to develop a pickup Hyundai models into the U.S. pickup market.

  Cooperation with Hyundai Motor will help Chrysler achieve expansion aspirations, and will also reduce production costs Ram pickup models. Ram is the world's third-truck sales of the brand.

  U.S. pickup truck market with high profit margins, but competition, Nissan and Toyota failed to beat Detroit in the field car prices. This is also the co-operation of Hyundai Motor and the Chrysler one of the starting point.

  But the source also disclosed that Chrysler and Fiat CEO Malchow had in February rejected a proposal co-operation of Hyundai Motor, and Chrysler said that the current strategic focus is the implementation of Fiat's "recovery plan . " However, Hyundai did not give up cooperation programs, still trying to persuade Chrysler.

  For the message, Chrysler spokesman Gualberto Ranieri refused to express any view.

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