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  Company's existing products, 54 kinds of parts, mainly in heavy, light, and other transmission on the car parts, machining parts and components of which 35 species, 19 kinds of spray molybdenum parts, machining parts and components which are fork shaft, gear shaft, idler wheel, clutch putter, planetary gear shaft, five-speed fork connected sets, pawl shaft series shaft, flange shaft, reverse gear shaft support, all kinds of Crossings frame, output flange , gear means, drive block backup light switch, take the keyboard, fork, and other complex class parts machining; spray molybdenum processing a car 2/3/4 file synchronizer, file fork 5, 1 / 2 file allocation Fork, medium and heavy vehicles spare parts and a series of simultaneous spray molybdenum processing, customer-oriented for the liberation of China FAW Group Automobile Co., Ltd., China FAW Group Car Co., Ltd., FAW - Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. , SAIC Chery Automobile Co., Ltd..

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