Customer first, employee satisfaction, quality first, continuous improvement, teamwork

Changchun Meike Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has built a competitive corporate culture system, the enterprise has created a harmonious interpersonal relationship and a high degree of core cohesion, and thus strengthened the ability of enterprises to develop and innovate, so that the enterprise is gradually improving the management system of modern enterprises and developing to learning organizations, thereby pushing enterprises higher and further...

The company's strategic objectives: to formulate development strategies with a long-term and competitive vision, build a learning enterprise, use innovative methods, integrate effective resources, work in accordance with the spirit of "company ten", and become a leader in the auto parts manufacturing industry in 5-10 years, and successfully achieve the goal of going public.

Development policy: "grasp reform and promote management, improve quality, and consolidate the foundation for survival; There are two fronts of grabbing products in the market, increasing market share, and expanding living space."

Quality policy: "endless quality, excellence, customer satisfaction"

Company vision: Where there are automobile manufacturing enterprises, there are parts of Meike

Company mission: to make Chinese cars the pride of the world

Company values: integrity, unity and cooperation, excellence, customer first

The company's business philosophy: innovative thinking, self-surpassing, the pursuit of excellence

The company's core philosophy: customers are always changing, integrity is always unchanged

Company tenet: 1. For users: provide high-quality products and show corporate image. 2. For customers: win-win cooperation and common growth. 3. To shareholders: highly responsible, long-term returns. 4. For employees: learn and train, achieve themselves. 5. To the society: environmental protection and saving, take responsibility.

Core competitiveness: the ultimate goal of successful management of people's hearts, the ability to integrate effective resources and achieve strategic goals with a win-win attitude and learning innovative methods.

Customer concept: 1. Because customers have needs, we have work. 2. Because customers have urgent needs, we must act quickly. 3. Because customers have choices, we must be their best choice.

Corporate image: impression in the minds of the public, image in the minds of users.

Talent concept: everyone is a talent, horse racing is not a horse.

Service concept: the pursuit of zero defect quality, to reduce customer troubles to zero.

Meike people's values: take the cause of Meike as their own responsibility, and do not take the interests of Meike as their own

There are three levels of Meike people's values: 1. The value of people is greater than the value of things 2. The value of enterprises is greater than the value of individuals 3. The value of society is greater than the value of enterprises